At JMZ Speech Pathology, we work with children and adults across their lifespan, with a range of difficulties and disabilities. We specialise in:

Receptive and Expressive Language: We work with children and adults to improve understanding of words and sentences, using the correct words and sentences, and encouraging young children to learn to talk. We use Hanen programs such as ‘It Takes Two To Talk’ and ‘More Than Words’.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication: Some people with disabilities may not be able to use speech as their main form of communication. We help these people find other ways of communicating, while still assisting their development of spoken language. We can trial different communication methods, including communication books (PODD), symbols (PECS), and other high tech devices (such as an iPad).

Speech Sounds: We can help children who make speech sound errors, such as ‘wed’ for ‘red’, to learn to produce the correct sounds. We can also assist children who have been diagnosed with Apraxia, by using the PROMPT techniques.

Dysphagia (Swallowing Difficulties): We can assist and assess children and adults who have difficulty swallowing or are only able to tolerate certain textures, in order to determine safe mealtime practices.

Stuttering: We work with young children using the Lidcombe Program, which is an evidence based program for young children who stutter.

Feeding Therapy: We can provide assistance to children who are ‘picky eaters’ and ‘problem feeders’, to encourage them to try more of a variety of new foods, and encourage stress-free mealtimes.

Group Therapy: Occasionally, our therapists will run group programs for children who may benefit more from participating in a group, rather than individual therapy. Groups can include social skills groups, feeding therapy groups and prep readiness groups. If you are interested, please contact our therapists.

Parent/ Teacher Education: Our therapists are trained in a number of education programs, such as Key Word Sign, Hanen programs, PODD information sessions, feeding therapy. If you are interested in finding out more or organising an education session for your family/ school, please contact our therapists.