What to expect

Your assessment begins by contacting our office on 0402 351 534. Our Speech Pathologist will gather some information about you or your child, and may schedule an initial appointment. You may receive a welcome kit, which contains information about our practice, and our prices and policies. We ask that you please complete this and bring it to your initial appointment, to save time during the appointment.

Your Initial Appointment:


The information that you provide in the welcome kit will be useful to our therapists to complete a case history and background information during the appointment. If the appointment is for your child, he/she will be given toys to play with while the therapist talks to you about your child’s goals. Your therapist will then determine which assessment will be most useful for your child. It may be a standardised assessment, or may consist of play based observation and parental report. The assessment process may occur over 2 or more sessions, in order to get an accurate picture of your child’s strength and difficulties.

After this, your therapist will decide whether further therapy is required, and usually will schedule further sessions.

Further Appointments:

During the assessment, your therapist will work with you to determine your/ your child’s main difficulties and goals for therapy, and tailor therapy activities around these goals. Your therapist will use motivating and fun activities as much as possible, and will also give you/ your child homework to complete. It is strongly recommended that these homework activities are completed between sessions, to optimise your/ your child’s progress and to reduce the amount of therapy sessions required.


We receive self- referrals, and referrals from parents, GP’s, Paediatricians, other health professionals and teachers.